Roaches can be unwelcome guests in your home, and preventing roach infestations can be a particular challenge if you live in an apartment. The habits of your neighbors can sometimes make you the victim of roach invaders, but fortunately, there are a few things you can do to protect your apartment. Use this guide to help keep these pests away, and contact a residential pest management service if you suspect you already have roaches in your home.

Upgrade Your Garbage Cans

If you have garbage cans that don't have lids, consider replacing them with more secure options. Cans that close shut after each use can make it more difficult for roaches to access your trash as a food source. You can also opt for smaller garbage cans that compel you to empty the bags more frequently, which can help to reduce how much food roaches can find in your kitchen. Don't leave bags of trash in your kitchen or hallway. Instead, take them to the dumpster immediately to help control roach infestations.

Secure Your Food

Roaches can find their way into bags of chips, boxes of cereal, and canisters of oats, among other foods. Invest in plastic containers with rubber seals, which keep your food tightly sealed and inaccessible to roaches. Keep bread in special loaf containers, or store it in your refrigerator. Avoid leaving fruit out on counters, and stash candy in tins or other secure containers. When you prep for meals, clean the counters immediately and sweep or vacuum the kitchen floor. Pay careful attention to the floor space next to your cabinets, as even tiny cracks in between these areas can provide a pathway for roaches.

Strategically Place Traps

Even if you don't currently have a roach problem, adding roach traps or bait to strategic locations throughout your apartment can be a good idea. Place them under the refrigerator and stove, and in the corner behind your trash cans. If you have small children, be sure that the traps are not accessible. Switch out the bait as recommended on the packaging instructions to ensure you have ongoing roach control for your home.

Partner With Your Landlord

If you see a roach in a common area in your building, contact your landlord right away. Roaches can quickly move throughout the building, and they can remain hidden in the walls even if you don't think there is a current problem in the building. Your landlord can arrange for the entire building to be treated by a pest control expert.

Work with a pest control company to prevent roaches from taking over your apartment, and use these helpful tips to keep your home free from these pesky pests.