Having a mouse in the house is not pleasant, and it is actually something that you need to address right away, no matter how nice it sounds to say, "I have a mouse in the house!" You don't have to actually see the mouse to know that there's probably one inside your home. You might notice droppings or chewed-up holes in cereal boxes. If you notice any of these things, here are four reasons you need to act fast in getting pest eradication:

  1. They Might Have a Disease: While not all wild mice have a disease, you never know, since they are exposed to so many different things in their life. If they do have a disease, it can be easily transmitted to you through their droppings, or if they happen to bite or scratch you because they were frightened. Whatever the case, you definitely don't want to put yourself and your family in harm's way because of this. 
  2. They Might Bring Other Pests: Mice are also exposed to other pests in their environments. These other pests include fleas, ticks, and lice that can easily use mice as transporters to get into your home and bother your family, even your own pets.
  3. They Will Multiply Quickly: One mouse can easily turn into many mice fairly quickly because they are fast breeders. In fact, a female mouse has a pregnancy that only lasts less than a month, which means many mice can be coming into your home every month. At this point, it's much more difficult to get rid of the mice because some will be susceptible to one pest-control method while others will not, and multiply pest-control methods will likely have to be used. This means more time spent outside of your home, waiting for the pest control to be successful. 
  4. They Will Bother You at Night: Finally, when you are trying to sleep, this is when the mice become the most active because they know that they can move freely about the house. You will definitely hear them scurrying around at night, which can be disturbing for not only yourself, but the rest of your family and even guests that you might have staying with you. 

When you act fast, you can avoid the above problems making a presence in your home. Be sure that you hire pest-control professionals who work specifically with getting rid of mice, so the treatment is as effective as possible.