Birds can sometimes be a nuisance. They can destroy a garden. Decorate your home in droppings. Damage your porch lights. Fortunately, there are several ways you can keep birds from causing damage without harming them. Here are a few suggestions.

Use a Scarecrow

A scarecrow is an old-fashioned method of dealing with birds that works in many instances. They are most effective in keeping gardens safe from birds. You do not have to go overboard with building your scarecrow. You can keep it simple and still have the same impact.

For instance, you can use old clothes to dress two crossed poles. Place a hat or overturned pot onto the top of the pole to give the impression of a human hiding beneath all the clothes. If you want to go the extra step, you can choose to stuff the clothing, but it is not necessary.  

Install Perch Repellents and Vent Covers

One of the biggest issues with birds is that they will build their nests almost anywhere that is cozy. Your attic, large porch light coverings, and other parts of your home could become a nest within a matter of days. You can prevent this though by using a combination of perch repellents and vent covers.

The covers can be placed over openings to keep the birds from building in your attic, gutters, and other places. The repellents can be used on your window sills and ledges. If the birds cannot find a spot to perch, they will not be tempted to attempt to nest.

Do Not Feed the Birds

Many homeowners have bird feeders in their lawns. Although the bird feeder is a good gesture and is a nice decorative touch, you could be inadvertently contributing to your own bird problem.

If you are providing food to the birds, your chances of convincing them to move on is very slim. The best way to get the birds going is to take down the feeder. Your problem might persist, but you should see fewer birds in your lawn.

Hire an Exterminator

Some homeowners hesitate to call an exterminator because they believe the will harm the birds. Although the name might imply that this is what will happen, exterminators have a solid record of using humane bird deterrent methods.

The exterminator can help with determining why birds are so attracted to your lawn and recommend a humane way of dealing with the problem.  Contact a company, like BLUNDERBIRD BIRD DETERRENT, for more help.