If your home is older or hasn't been treated for termites in awhile, you might worry that you have an unchecked infestation. Here are a few signs to look out for that might indicate the need to have your home treated for termites right away:

You're Finding Wing Debris Around Your Home

If you think you might have termite problems, take some time to closely look at the floor and walls around your windows, entrances, and interior doorways before vacuuming and cleaning up. If you find what looks like tiny insect wings laying around on the carpet and windowsills or stuck to the wall, chances are you're looking at termite wings and your suspicions of termite problems is probably correct. Go ahead and vacuum those termite wings up, but it's a good idea to call your service provider to schedule a termite treatment appointment as soon as possible afterward.

Wood Seems to Be Falling Apart or Breaking Down

A common sign of termites is the breakdown of wood in the foundation, interior, and exterior of homes. But it's important not to wait until the wood damage is obvious before calling a professional for help in getting rid of the termites. Spend some time checking underneath all the counters, in the closets, underneath porches, and in the nooks and crannies throughout your home for termite damage.

In addition to visually inspecting the wood in these areas, gently knock on the wood to see if it feels or sounds hollow. If you notice wood that seems to be rotting, looks like it's chipping away, or if the wood feels or sounds hollow, there is a chance that you've got a termite problem that will only get worse if you don't get rid of the termites right away. Have a professional inspect your home to confirm your termite suspicions then make an appointment to have your home treated if necessary.

The Windows and Doors are Getting Hard to Open and Close

If termites have been eating up the wood around your window and door frames, you may find that they become harder to open and close as time goes on. Your windows might seem like they're slightly off their track because they don't seem to glide easily when you open or close them. And the doors might not fit properly when they are fully closed, or more force than should be necessary has to be used in order to open them. If any of these symptoms sound familiar, consider scheduling an appointment to have your home treated for termites.

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