When you have a pest problem in your home, it's important to understand the behavior of the pest, what attracts them, and what works best to eliminate them. Different pests respond differently to different pest control measures, and choosing the right treatment could mean the difference between success and an ongoing pest problem.

Pest control companies have a variety of treatments they can apply, and they often use baits. Here's a look at how bait is used to eliminate household pests.

Bait Is Often Used For Roaches, Ants, And Termites

Bait isn't effective for all kinds of insects, but when used properly, it can eliminate roaches, ants, and termites. Roach bait kills roaches that eat it or that come in contact with it. Ants and termites carry bait back to their nests to kill the whole colony either through contact or by disrupting the growth cycle.

Bait Might Be Used Alone

Termites might be treated by burying bait stations in the yard and using liquid around the perimeter of your house, or bait might be used alone. Bait for ants and roaches is often used alone. This not only reduces the chemicals used in your house and yard but also makes the bait more effective since ants and roaches might avoid an area that's been sprayed.

The Right Bait Has To Be Chosen

To be effective, the bait has to be found and eaten, contacted, or taken back to the nest. In the case of termite bait, the termites wander into a bait station while hunting for food. Roach and ant baits attract the pests and compete with other sources of food. Bait is even specific to certain types of ants since some ants like sweets and others like fat.

When your pest control company places bait stations in your home, they'll probably leave instructions for sealing your food and drying up damp areas so the pests are drawn to the bait stations rather than crumbs and spills on the floor.

Bait Is Slower Acting And Long Lasting

Bait can take longer to wipe out an infestation than spraying, especially pesticides that work on disrupting the growth cycle rather than killing the pests on contact. However, bait can be more effective at eliminating a colony of ants since the colony is under the ground and not easy to find and treat with liquid pesticides.

If you keep bait stations in hidden areas of your home, they'll provide an ongoing form of pest control that helps you fight ants and roaches for the long term. Reach out to a pest control service to learn more.