One of the most effective ways to ensure that your home stays pest-free is exterior pest control. Even if your home is pest-free now, pests may invade when conditions are right. And if pests invade your home, you may struggle to remove them without investing substantial time and money. The best way to keep both animal and insect pests out of your home is with exterior pest control.

By hiring a pest control service to perform exterior pest control around your home several times per year, you can keep your home pest-free.

Inspect the exterior of your home to identify pests

The first step that a pest controller must carry out is pest identification. During this step, pest controllers patrol your property and identify the most prevalent pests in the area. They may examine your roofline, gutters, underneath fascia boards, and along the foundation of your home. They may also examine the bushes and shrubs in your yard for pests such as mosquitoes.

Some pest controllers will even use a specialized rake to move garden debris to uncover pests in your yard. Once a pest controller has identified the pests in your yard, they will then assess the risk to your property and begin to consider treatment methods.

Inspect typical travel corridors

Travel corridors are the routes that insect and animals pests use to make their way to your home. Many insects, like termites, ants, cockroaches, and silverfish use edges to make their way toward a structure. For instance, ants follow the lines between paving stones, and termites travel along structure edges until they find a crack or other entry point.

The same is true for rodents like mice and rats. These pests usually travel along the edges of fences and other structures. As such, pest controllers identify travel corridors when they inspect a property.

Select a suitable treatment method

One of the most common treatment methods to keep insect pests away from a home is the application of pesticides via spray around the perimeter of a house. Once a pest controller knows which pests are prevalent on your property, they can choose a spray that will be most effective for that particular pest. They may even use several types of pesticides for different pests.

And if you have pets or children, pest controllers will take this into account when selecting a treatment. Instead of using a strong pesticide, for instance, they may use diatomaceous earth instead.

For rodents, pest controllers usually recommend trimming bushes and trees to remove the cover that rodents need, as well as food and water sources. These practices will help to keep rodents away. Finally, pest controllers help you to identify and fill any possible entry points to your home.

Contact a local pest control service if you want to be proactive.