If you own a farm and you are seeing a lot of wild hogs you need to take steps to get them off your land. This is because wild hogs can do a lot of damage to your crops, plants, etc. This problem can be difficult to do on your own if you have a large amount of these hogs. Because of this contact a company that provides hog removal services. Below is some information on how they will take care of this problem for you.

Survey the Hogs

One of the first things the hog removal service will do is determine how many hogs you have on your property. You may be surprised to learn that you have much more than what you think. Finding where the hogs are is the most important part of this process.

The hog removal service will set up cameras in different areas of your farm to help them, which are known as game cameras. These cameras generally record sound as well as take photographs. A large number of hogs will generally make more sound. The hog removal service may set up bait close to the cameras to draw the hogs to them. Knowing the number of hogs on your property will help the service remove all of them.

Set up Traps

There are large traps that can fit a lot of hogs at one time the hog removal service will set up. They will put special bait inside the trap to draw the hogs to it. The service may keep the trap open for several days letting the hogs go in and out so they become accustomed to the trap. These traps are made of durable steel or may be made of wood.

After a week or more the hog removal service will set the trap to trigger when a lot of hogs are inside of it. This means the door will automatically close. At this point, the trap will be removed and the hogs will be taken away. 

The hog removal service will continue to monitor the cameras to make sure they get all the hogs. If they do not, more traps will be set up to get the rest of them off your property.  This may take a few months to accomplish.

The hog removal service can give you much more information on the process they use to remove hogs from a property.