Ants are a problem pest that can not only ruin a picnic, but they can also chew through a home and infest your food storage. Ants come in a number of sizes, and some are very fast, while others don't move quite so quickly. You may see a lot at once, or just a few here and there. If you are seeing ants in your home, you more than likely have a large amount of these pests somewhere in the depths of your home. They may not be easily spotted, but they are there, and getting rid of them is your top priority before they further infest your home. Read on for tips to get control of your ant problem.

1. Do An Inspection

Take a flashlight and do some inspecting of your own to see if you can find where these ants are coming and going. Go around your home's foundation to see if you can spot ant trails crawling into a crack or holes in your foundation that may fit an ant or any other pest. Inspect your basement walls and your crawl space as well looking for signs of these or other pests. If you spot any issues, or you can see ants in your home, then you know where to begin.

2. Make Repairs

You need to fill in those tiny holes and cracks where ants have been coming inside of your home and prevent them from coming back. Repair holes in siding and cracks in your basement walls as well. Once you have those repairs finished, you can begin exterminating these pests.

3. Start Exterminating

You can now begin to exterminate these pests, as you have blocked off their exit and entrance back into your home, so you won't have a future problem either. Spray the area thoroughly where you saw the most ants in your home. Spray the surrounding areas as well to kill any other ants that may be nearby. If you can see their nest, be sure to spray this area heavily as well. Set ant baits around your home to kill ants that may be moving throughout your home, placing them along baseboards where the ants may be traveling. Reset the traps every couple of days, and spray again for the next couple of days until you are rid of these pests.

If you have trouble with ants in your home, you aren't alone. Ants are a troublesome pest that will invade any home to look for food and water. Reach out to an ant pest control company for more information.