Skunks are a stinky pest that will spray a foul-scented oil from an area alongside its anus. The spray emitted from these pests can bring tears to your eyes and possibly make you vomit if you are sprayed directly. These pests spray when they feel threatened, which is why it's best to stay away if you spot a skunk in your yard. Of course, you want them out of your yard and you don't want them to spray anyone, including your pets, but you should never attempt to handle these pests yourself. Skunks will keep coming back to your yard if they have babies nearby, or if they are finding food for their young there. If you have skunks coming into your yard, they may be guarding their young, so don't get too close. Read on for more information about skunks, including how to get rid of them.

Where Do Skunks Like To Nest?

Skunks like to nest in areas where they can stay hidden. They like thick brush or somewhere they can keep their young safe and out of harms way, so if you have thick brush in your yard, or you have areas such as landscaping piles, piles of wood, or even piles of other debris in your yard, you may have skunks nesting there, or you could have other pests nesting there as well. Getting rid of these piles is important, or cleaning out brush in your yard and cleaning up your landscaping is important in keeping these or other pests out of your yard.

How Do You Get Rid Of Skunks?

Skunks should never be handled by anyone other than a professional pest control specialist. These pests will probably need to be trapped and then removed from your yard, but even setting a trap should only ever be done by a pest control expert. Removing their nesting areas will help to get them out of your yard, without actually handling them. You can also remove food sources they may have been using to feed off of, such as a garden with easy access, or other food sources such as pet food you may have out for an outside pet you have. Remove all food sources and these pests will move out of your yard on their own.

If you have a problem with skunks in your yard and you aren't able to get into your yard or stay away from these pests because of where they have chosen to nest, you should hire a pest control expert to help you get rid of the pest and any young it may have with it for you.

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