While around 2,800 types of termites are present on the planet, only a few make their way to human dwellings to cause damage. While this information sounds promising, those few types of termites cause around $5 billion worth of damages annually in just the United States. 

The fact that the types of termites humans have problems with are limited means it is relatively easy to spot signs of their existence around your home. Nevertheless, these pests are easy to miss if you're not paying attention. Check out a few telltale indicators that you need to consider termite extermination for a termite problem.

Mud Tubes on the Home's Foundation 

Mud tubes show up in a home's foundation and act as a tunnel for travel for the insects. Termites build these tunnels from the ground in a vertical formation to be able to travel to and from a food source inconspicuously, and their efforts definitely work. A lot of homeowners have no idea what a mud tube looks like, so they don't pay attention when they see one. These tubular structures can look almost like a crack in the foundation from the distance. However, upon closer inspection, you should see a bulging tube that can be about the same diameter as one of your fingers. 

Droppings Beneath 'Kick-Out" Holes 

Kick-out holes are small openings termites will create in key areas of a nest to push out excrement and other waste to make room for the colony. For example, a kick-out hole may be located in a piece of lumber in the wall or along a beam in the ceiling. You may never see a termite emerge, but you will consistently find tiny bits of dark excrement around these holes. And, they will continually show up even though you keep cleaning up the mess. 

Insect Swarms Approaching or Leaving Your Home

If you see a swarm of termites leaving your home, take note. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean the bugs are fed up with the food source and have decided to move on. Termites have different purposes depending on their age or growth cycle. About once a year, a group of swarmers leaves the original colony to go out and reproduce or expand. Most adult termites actually can't even fly that well, so they stay behind in the colony that is probably nesting in your home. If you have a swarm of young termites show up at your property, you could also have a big problem in the near future as these termites mature and build their own colony. 

Reach out to a local pest control company for more information on termite extermination.